Big Is Better: The Best Oversized Hoodie Brands For Men

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If you ask us, a fitted hoodie is an oxymoron. It’s like a deafening silence or a working vacation. That’s because a hoodie, by its very definition, is supposed to be loose, comfortable and easy to wear. The last thing it should be is tight, restrictive or slim, which is why going oversized is such a popular way to approach this staple garment.

Oversized hoodies are designed to be slouchy and relaxed. They accentuate the garment’s best features, making it as cosy and comfortable as possible. And with wide silhouettes fast becoming the default setting in mainstream menswear, the time to upgrade your hoodie for an oversized version has never been better.

Despite their prevalence in modern men’s fashion, finding oversized hoodies can be tricky. Many brands don’t specify whether their hoodies are oversized, meaning it’s often a case of closely inspecting product photos, ordering and returning until you find something that fits the bill.

That’s why we decided to streamline the process for you by compiling a list of brands making the best oversized hoodies out there. Here are the names you need to memorise.

Colourful Standard

Simple, comfortable wardrobe essentials in a plethora of colour options are the name of the game at the aptly named Colourful Standard. Specialising in sweats, tees and joggers, this playful basics brand offers its signature hoodie in an oversized fit and in more shades than you can shake a drawstring at.

Prices are pretty reasonable at £70, too (less when the sales are on), making this a good option if you’re looking to stock up.

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Fear of God

Jerry Lorenzo’s LA-based fashion brand has been instrumental in the evolution of contemporary silhouettes. It has been one of the leading names in the oversized revolution, with loose-fitting hoodies being some of the label’s most popular products since day dot.

Unfortunately, prices are pretty high, but if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to £700+ don’t despair, because there is another option…

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Fear of God Essentials

Essentials is Fear of God’s diffusion line. It offers simple basics heavy on the FoG aesthetic but at a fraction of the price.

The Essentials range has proven hugely popular thanks to its bold branding, understated colour palette and slouchy fits, and the hoodies are some of the best-selling items.

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Represent is another streetwear-infused basics brand heavy on bold branding and simple colours. In that sense, it’s rather similar to Fear of God Essentials, and the price point is in the same region, too.

Expect slouchy silhouettes, cropped fits, dropped shoulders, graphic prints referencing pop culture and dusty-looking, overdyed finishes.

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American basics brand Camber is the heavyweight hoodie OG. Its burly sweats and joggers are some of the best in the business, all made in the USA using substantial heavyweight loopback cotton.

Fit-wise, it’s all tightly ribbed hems, slightly cropped bodies and dropped shoulders, giving a classic oversized look. Just remember to size up, as they tend to shrink slightly on the first wash.

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Tokyo streetwear label WTAPS blends sportswear, military and workwear influences to create a range of baggy streetwear-leaning pieces with an unmistakably Japanese twist.

The collection changes from season to season, but oversized hoodies are a constant presence. They’re often cut from heavyweight cotton and feature various logos, prints, or sometimes just a small branded patch.

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Virgil Abloh’s Off-White is one of the brands that led streetwear’s high-fashion takeover, turning simple pieces like logo tees, sweatpants and hoodies into luxury items.

Whatever you think of that, there’s no denying that Off-White is now one of the prime names in the game when it comes to high-end hoodies. It offers oversized, logo-heavy options from around £300 and up.

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Acne Studios

Sweden’s Acne Studios was doing oversized cuts before they were commonplace. The brand’s hoodies are almost exclusively loose-fitting, with some even going as far as having elongated sleeves and shoulder seams dropped all the way down to the elbows.

If you want to go above and beyond the standard oversized look, a hoodie from here might be just what you’re looking for.

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You don’t have to spend a small fortune to secure a decent oversized hoodie that looks good and does the job. H&M has several loose-fitting options available for as little as £30.

Zip-up and pullover styles are available in various colour options and designs, ranging from eye-catching graphic prints to plain neutral colours.

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Trace the hoodie back to its very beginnings and you’ll see it was created in the 1930s by Knickerbocker Knitting Company, which became Champion. With this in mind, it stands to reason that the label would make some of the best hoodies out there, which is exactly what it does.

Prices aren’t ridiculous either, so if you’re after good value for money and a nice slice of heritage thrown in for good measure, look no further.

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COS is consistently one of the most forward-thinking labels on the high street. Instead of the usual rails lined with uninspired copy-and-paste garments and trend-led tat, the Swedish brand focuses on unusual shapes, off-kilter design elements and fashion-forward details.

Its garments often play with proportions, and things like hoodies and T-shirts are often cut loose and oversized.

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How Should An Oversized Hoodie Fit?


Perhaps unsurprisingly, an oversized hoodie should fit nice and loose. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can achieve the look by buying a regular hoodie a size or two too big. Oversized hoodies are designed to look and feel slouchy, but crucially, they still fit in the body and arms.

Buying one several sizes too big would result in it hanging off you awkwardly, which is not the goal. Ensure the arms and torso are the correct length, and you’ll be golden.

What Size Oversized Hoodie Should I Buy?


These hoodies are purposefully designed to fit large and loose, so it’s usually best to go for your normal size.

Sizing up or down will likely result in a fit that feels slightly off. If in doubt, either get to a shop to try on some different options or order more than one size if you’re shopping online.

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