The Best Heavyweight Hoodie Brands For Men

Keeping cosy is what a good hoodie is all about. It’s something to wrap yourself in when the weather’s bad, to slouch around the house in during the frosty winter months, and to layer up with when the mercury hits rock bottom. Why then, would you even entertain the thought of buying a wafer-thin one that can barely protect you from a whisper of wind? We’re not sure. For us, a heavyweight hoodie is always the best way to go.

The best heavyweight hoodies are thick, warm, soft and fleecy on the inside, and pre-shrunk so there are no nasty surprises after the first wash. They can be either zip-through or pullover and might have a drawstring or studs to tighten the hood, or simply be unadjustable. Whatever the details, these chunky winter warmers are great for crafting stacked cold-weather outfits, and keeping the chill at bay when the thermometer is at its lowest.

Finding proper heavyweight hoodies can be tricky. Lots of brands don’t list the fabric or garment weight, which makes it impossible to know exactly what you’re getting. But there are some labels that are known specifically for making high-quality heavyweight hoodies. Some of them are well known while others are whispered secrets between men’s fashion fanatics.

Below, we’ll explore the best of the bunch, along with some key info about heavyweight hoodies and what to look out for when buying.

What Is A Heavyweight Hoodie?


A heavyweight hoodie is exactly what it sounds like: a hooded sweatshirt made from heavy jersey cotton. It’s probably a bit too thick for the summer, but it really comes into its own during the winter months thanks to its substantial thickness and fleecy lining, which make it perfect for keeping cosy.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer as to how heavy a hoodie needs to be before it can be considered ‘heavyweight’, and all brands have different ways of weighing their garments. Some will state the weight of the whole hoodie, while others measure it in terms of the fabric itself, stating the weight in either oz/yd² or GSM (grams per m²).

A proper heavyweight hoodie might tip the scales at around 12oz for the entire garment. If it’s fabric weight then it might be something like 24oz or 600GSM.

Buying Considerations



Most commonly, heavyweight hoodies are made from jersey cotton, but they can be made from slightly different materials too. Terry cloth, fleece and even wool are some other fabrics we’ve seen hoodies crafted from.


When it comes to hoodies, fit is really just a matter of personal preference. Some people like their hoodies oversized while others like them to be trim and slim-fitting.

One thing to bear in mind is that thick jersey cotton has a habit of shrinking on the first wash, so either take that into account when deciding on the best size, or choose a hoodie that is ‘pre-shrunk’.

Zip Or Pullover?


Heavyweight hoodies are usually designed to be pulled on over the head, or they might feature a zipper to the front. Pullover hoodies tend to feature a pouch pocket that can be accessed from both sides but are obviously trickier to get on and off.

Think about how you’ll be wearing your heavyweight hoodie and what you want from it to decide which type is going to suit you best.

The Best Brands For Heavyweight Hoodies


Luxury British streetwear label Represent don’t scrimp on fabrics when it comes to its range of contemporary tees. Ranging from substantial 480GSM cotton to scale-tipping 600GSM loopback jersey, they come slightly oversized and drape well due to the weight.

When it comes to design, expect plenty of logo treatments and graphic prints, all of which are designed to get you noticed for all the right reasons. If you’re looking for a bona-fide grail piece to add to your wardrobe, go for the ‘Owners Club’ line.

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Swedish brand CDLP has made a name for itself reinventing loungewear essentials as luxury items and crafting some of the best underwear on the market. This is cosy, sofa-ready comfort-wear, but executed to perfection using premium materials and typically Scandinavian attention to detail.

The Heavy Terry Hoodie is an excellent heavyweight option, constructed from the label’s own take on a classic sweatshirt fabric, weighing in at a substantial 550GSM. It’s spun from a mixture of recycled and organic cotton, and features subtle tonal branding and a contrast drawcord.

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The simple things done well is what Asket is and always has been all about. The label’s unwavering commitment to making the highest quality versions of the most indispensable wardrobe essentials at the most affordable prices has made it a popular choice for those looking to streamline their everyday style while cutting back on consumption.

Naturally, one of pieces Asket has chosen to include in its tightly curated offering is a heavy hoodie. It’s beautifully made, fits like a dream and comes in both zip-through and pullover versions.

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Wax London

Wax London are one of our favourite brands right now. They make contemporary casualwear that’s brimming with character and heavy on quality.

The overshirts are what first put the British label on our radar, but the rest of the collection is what kept it there. Case in point: the organic-cotton Buxton hoodie, which has a classic fit, herringbone drawcord and is cut from 350GSM fabric, making it a great mid-weight option for fall, spring or layering up in the winter.

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There are heavyweight hoodies and then there’s whatever Camber is making. These things are serious, and for those in the know, there’s no better option out there when it comes to the absolute thickest of sweats.

The American brand has a cult following in the men’s fashion community for making the best blanks in the game, ranging from super-thick T-shirts to the highest quality hoodies.

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3Sixteen started out making premium jeans using exclusive, custom-made Japanese denim. The goal was simple: to produce a product that was built to last and take on more character with every wear.

This process begins with the fabric, and it’s an approach that the brand applies to the rest of its collection too. Take the hoodies, for example: 3Sixteen’s heavyweight hoodie is made from a custom-knit Canadian jersey cotton that weighs a hefty 500GSM. Not only that, it’s sewn and garment dyed in the USA, keeping the whole production process on North American soil.

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Standard Issue

Focusing on high-quality, USA-made basics, Standard Issue is one of the best brands to shop for plain tees, sweats and denim.

The Standard Hoody is made from 24oz Californian cotton, which is pre-shrunk for the perfect fit. There are a wealth of colour options but the hoodies sell out almost immediately so make sure to get in there fast if you want to get your hands on one.

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