Real talk – why choose me?

Start Planning

First off – When choosing a travel agent to help you with your vacation planning it’s important to find the right fit. Not everyone has the same vision and work ethic. I am a straight shooter and as real as they come.  I will get to know you as best I can before planning your vacation so I can be sure to find you EXACTLY what you are looking for. So be prepared to have a few good conversations before I go ahead and dive into your travel plans!  After many years in the industry, I have proudly grown a business based upon referrals and repeat business.

As a sun-worshiping adventure seeker, I understand that modern travel means more than just booking a hotel and a flight. Today’s traveler is busy and I make sure my clients have everything they need from start to finish. I am not only your travel agent, I am your guide to all things travel.

OH! Did I mention it costs you NOTHING to use my services? I know right, it’s crazy! There is commission built into EVERY SINGLE online rate you see out there! When you don’t book with a travel agent that commission goes directly to the booking website you booked with. Why pay them for work YOU did?