Warm-Weather Pants: 6 Trousers Every Man Needs For Spring/Summer 2024

While you might want to instinctively switch to shorts as soon as the spring sun comes out, don’t overlook trousers. Longer legs are smarter and much more versatile, effortlessly taking you from the office to the weekend in style. But only if you choose right. After all, you don’t want to be the guy wearing a pair of heavy twill chinos when the sun is blazing.

So, we’re set to highlight our top picks for SS24, in collaboration with L’ESTRANGE, focusing on remaining cool and comfortable in the heat without sacrificing style points.

What Makes Great Spring/Summer Trousers?

For starters, the fabric. The days of summer trousers being sad, baggy linen designs that crumple at the first sign of movement are long gone. Many brands now offer alternatives to the OG warm-weather fabric, and while linen still has its place, it is far from the only option.

Lightweight cotton is always a great choice, with its soft breathability rivalling linen. Yet it doesn’t crease as easily, offering a sharper look that better holds its shape. After something smarter still? Tropical wool, borrowed from the world of fine tailoring, has a similarly crease-resistant weave that’s ideal for travelling in.

There are also technical fabrics to consider. This season, L’ESTRANGE has turned to Japan for its performance fabric, which is incredibly light but also water-repellent to cope with those unpredictable spring showers.

Aside from material considerations, comfort is also crucial in warm weather. Fabric plays a part in this, but so does the cut of the trousers. Avoid anything too slim that will cling to you in the heat and leave you sweltering. Instead, go for slightly more relaxed fits, which allow more air to circulate for a breezier finish.

6 Trousers You Need For Spring/Summer

The Essential Chino

The chino pant is a capsule wardrobe must-have, no matter the time of year. Able to be dressed up or down to suit any occasion, it’s a Swiss Army knife of a garment that will deliver a high ROI.

This season, L’ESTRANGE looks to have perfected this wardrobe staple with the launch of its Essential Chino. Made in Italy from 100% traceable regenerative stretch cotton, it comes in a regular fit with a slight taper through the leg to create a flattering silhouette, regardless of body shape.

A tailored finished, belt loop waistband with a French bearer closure and corozo nut buttons round off a well-considered design you’re sure to get extended wear from.

Drawstring Pants

Once you try drawstring trousers, it’s almost impossible to go back to a fixed waistband. The comfort is next level, with the trousers expanding as you move rather than cutting into you. The effect feels more akin to wearing sweatpants, yet L’ESTRANGE’s 24 Trousers look just as sharp as a regular pair of tailored pants.

This is the brand’s best-selling design for a reason. They’re cut with a tapered finish that gently narrows towards the hem, while the drawstring waist is hidden from sight, only visible on the sides.

This creates a clean waistband that looks exceptionally smart, whether you wear them to the office or on vacation in the sun.

Relaxed-Fit Pants

Relaxed fits are generally far more comfortable than slim fits, but they’re also way more flattering. Well-cut, relaxed-fit pants hang straight from the waist, offering a clean, unbroken trouser line down to the hem. This gives them a look more in line with classic tailoring, designed to provide shape rather than cling too tightly to your body.

As a result, they are infinitely better for those with an athletic or larger build. So, if you typically find slim cuts stifling and restrictive, a relaxed fit is the way to go.

L’ESTRANGE has tweaked its tried-and-tested 24 Trouser – complete with its hidden drawstring waist and lightweight, breathable cotton fabric – for its new relaxed-fit pants. The only difference between these and the originals (above) is the leg’s roomier finish, which combines with the fabric’s slight stretch for ultimate tailored comfort.

Tailored Linen Pants

Linen pants have an unfairly bad reputation. Part of that is easy to understand, as in the past these trousers were hideously baggy, unflattering things made from scratchy linen that would stretch out in the knees and seat.

But today, many brands, including L’ESTRANGE, have found ways to take advantage of linen’s breathability without making the wearer suffer. This 24 Trouser, for example, has been cut from a linen-cotton blend. Combining linen with cotton makes them much more resistant to creasing and gives the fabric added structure and durability.

Despite this, they remain exceptionally lightweight and comfortable, making them among the finest spring trousers money can buy.

Tropical Wool Pants

Tropical wool has long been utilised in the world of fine tailoring. While you might associate wool with winter due to its insulating properties, tropical wool is particularly valuable in spring and summer for the opposite reasons.

It’s woven to allow air to circulate better through it in a way not dissimilar to light cotton or linen. But its smarter appearance ensures tropical wool is well suited to blazers and, in this case, trousers.

Another plus point is its resistance to creasing, making it a popular choice for frequent travellers or those who are simply averse to ironing. These pants are guaranteed to be one of the first items you pack in your suitcase this summer.

Tech Pants

Technical fabrics are a relatively new option for smart casual trousers. They can be as lightweight and comfortable as their natural alternatives. But in L’ESTRANGE’s case, they have a couple of additional benefits.

The brand’s AeroTech fabric has been designed for ultimate stretch, woven with 10% elastane for ultimate unhindered movement. They’ve also been treated to ensure they are water-repellent, so if the heavens open you can stay relatively dry.

Cut on the label’s 24 Trouser block, they come with hidden zip pockets for peace of mind whether you’re travelling long haul or simply popping to the shops.

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