10 Luxury Men’s Skincare Brands You Need To Know

If looking well-rested and healthy feels elusive in a world that seemingly never stops, it’s time to bolster your grooming routine with premium skincare. It’s not just about paying more for a pot with a gold lid – though that can come with the territory – it’s about cutting-edge technology and clinical results that bring more bang for your buck.

You should definitely be looking for high-quality actives backed by in-depth research. Whether that’s brightening Vitamin C, age-defying retinol, wrinkle-plumping peptides, cushioning hyaluronic acid or regenerative AHAs – your skin will thank you for the extra TLC.

Looking in the mirror and seeing that everything’s falling apart? Rebuild yourself with the most splurge-worthy luxury skincare brands.


When electrician-turned-entrepreneur Patrick Kidd opened up a barbershop in Sydney, he couldn’t find hair products that matched his exacting standards, so he did what all super-successful people do: he created his own.

The move into skincare came from a chance encounter in the sauna of the Four Seasons in Chicago (proving it pays to strike up a conversation with your sweaty, loin-clothed neighbour, even if it might seem a little awkward at first). This person happened to be a neurosurgeon with experience in biotech and pharmaceuticals and a keen interest in anti-ageing science.

The partnership bore fruit with a tight edit of high-performance skincare essentials, including a cell regenerating cleanser, anti-ageing night serum, anti-fatigue moisturiser and a face scrub that contains real crushed diamonds.

We’re Buying: SL1 Superleggera Moisturizer

Superleggera is a word synonymous with luxury (whether that’s in reference to fast cars or fancy watches) and this daily hydrator from Patrick’s has a similar, indulgent feel – from the swanky silver packaging down to the super-light texture of the cream-gel inside.

Packed with a skin refining blend of vitamins, anti-oxidants and a multi-peptide complex with taurine, it replenishes the skin for a healthier, more energised appearance.

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Sisley Paris

French experts Sisley Paris produce some of the finest skincare out there. The cult Black Rose Face Mask is known to turnaround the most hungover, tired or defeated chops. The luxurious Sisleÿa anti-ageing cream is a quick way to part with £400, while Sisleyouth Anti-Pollution is an excellent hydrator that also protects against blue light damage (aka the doom scrolling we all know is bad for us).

For years, disgruntled women had to put up with their partner dipping into their precious stash, but nobody who appreciates the worth of this stuff likes to share. So, Sisley created Sisleÿum – created explicitly for male skin.

We’re Buying: Sisleÿum For Men Anti-Age Global Revitalizer

Are you the type of person who only likes the best? This super-luxe, top-of-the-range hydrator is the caviar of men’s facial care. Sisleÿum (a spin on Sisley Homme) comes in two versions: a fresh gel and a rich cream texture to suit your skin type/preference.

It works as a multi-pronged tool against the damaging effects of stress, pollution, razor burn and cold weather, using a nourishing complex of active botanicals: white horehound, wild pansy, shea butter and white willow, with anti-oxidant malachite and alkekengi calyx.

We use the cream in winter and switch to gel for the summer when the sweat and heat reach a maximum.

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Founded by scientists and brothers Elliot and Daniel Isaacs, Medik8 is a B Corp certified, British dermatological skincare brand offering homegrown products that deliver clinical results for quite reasonable prices.

Medik8’s core principle for every skin type and gender is ‘CSA’. This essential routine of Vitamin C plus sunscreen by day and Vitamin A (retinol) at night. Within the range, this prescription looks like the Daily Radiance Vitamin C Cream in the am, Surface Radiance Cleanse morning and night, and Night Ritual Vitamin A for the pm.

Need to build a solid skincare regime? Start here.

We’re Buying: Liquid Peptides

For the more mature/drier-skinned gentleman, we rate the wrinkle-busting powerhouse of Liquid Peptides. Peptides are short-chain amino acids and the building blocks of proteins, like collagen and elastin, which provide the scaffolding support for fullness and elasticity in our skin.

A bestseller, Liquid Peptides is a clear liquid containing 30% multi-peptide complex and hyaluronic acid with a targeted drone delivery system to specifically support collagen cells. It tackles dryness, dullness and dehydration in one hit.

You only need a few drops to cover the whole face and neck, or just concentrate on your deepest furrows, wrinkles and laughter lines around the eyes. It goes on without any stickiness or tackiness and sinks in without trace, erasing fine lines and sallow cheeks in a blink.

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Paula’s Choice

After Paula Begoun was fired from her job at a department store beauty counter (for telling customers the truth about the products’ limitations), she founded Paula’s Choice in 1995 as one of the first online-only skincare brands.

The US brand recently found a new generation of fans (including us) for its high-tech formulas, wallet-friendly ranges and transparent, no-nonsense approach.

We’re Buying: Skin Perfecting AHA Liquid Exfoliant

Use this toning liquid after cleansing and gradually increase the frequency until you use it every other day. What does it solve? A gentle AHA exfoliant, it will clarify the skin and texture, remove grime and pollution from urban living, even out discolouration and sun damage, and restore a compromised skin barrier.

The result? Less fine lines, redness, more even texture, and brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin overall.

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The Grey

From personal experience as a globetrotting menswear and lifestyle buyer, when Gregor Jaspers couldn’t find a compact and effective men’s skincare system that was easy to lug around on his travels, he decided to make one: The Grey.

Simple, stylish and made in European laboratories, The Grey uses super concentrations of active ingredients in formulas that are easily absorbed and won’t sit on your stubble or clog your facial hair.

The range also extends to daily supplements, a tea collection and an extremely covetable wash bag/dopp kit with a detachable pill case.

We’re Buying: Recovery Face Serum

Self-described as a ‘nourishing vitamin boost for the skin’, this concentrated serum has a calming herbal scent and feels refreshing when applied to the face. This will feel even better as the weather warms up.

It contains core actives like hexapeptide 8, red seaweed, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and panthenol (pro-vitamin B5).

It disappears on contact, leaving the skin feeling supple and comfortable with just one or two pumps.

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Augustinus Bader


Founded by Professor Augustinus Bader, a globally recognised biomedical scientist, Augustinus Bader combines sophisticated skincare science and high-quality ingredients to create products that promote skin health and stimulate cell regeneration.

The patented Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8) is at the heart of its anti-ageing formula. It is a super-proprietary blend of amino acids, vitamins and synthesised molecules designed to support the skin’s natural renewal process.

Having also created products for Victoria Beckham Beauty and Timothée Chalamet’s red carpet outfitter of choice, Haider Ackermann, this brand counts David Beckham and other haute skincare addicts as fans.

We’re Buying: The Cream

The Rich Cream is the wait-list-worthy moisturiser that started it all, and there’s a lighter version, too. Deeply hydrating and conditioning, it maintains skin that looks brighter, healthier and feels protected while minimising pores, pigmentation and fine lines.

The pump also boasts an innovative airless design to preserve the product without additives, stop your grimy fingers from contaminating the contents, and economically use up every last drop.

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Pharrell Williams certainly looks good for his 50+ years on the planet, so we’re obviously keen to find the Dorian Gray secret behind his eternal youth. He’s honed his talent as a fashion designer for years, yet Humanrace is his first foray into grooming, self-care and well-being.

Working with dermatologist Dr Elena Jones on formulations housed in clean, functional and cool packaging in vivid green, Humanrace uses predominantly natural ingredients and actives that are cruelty-free, clinically tested and Environmental Working Group-certified toxin-free.

We’re Buying: Humanrace Three Minute Facial Routine Pack

Make like Pharrell and get that baby face locked in with the three-minute facial consisting of Rice Powder Cleanser, Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator and Humidifying Cream. The core Humanrace routine takes just 120 seconds out of your day, morning and night, to improve the condition of your skin.

Using fruit AHAs, snow mushrooms and geranium, the cleanser preps the skin for the exfoliator, which uses gentle glycolic acid and fruit AHAs.

Now, the skin is primed for the moisturiser, which is laced with plant-based squalane, hyaluronic acid and tiger leaf extract. It feels rich but still light on the skin.

Buy the bundle and save yourself some cash.

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Dr. Barbara Sturm

One of Hollywood’s favourite aesthetics doctors, Dr. Barbara Sturm, has stores and spas across the globe that carry her pioneering anti-inflammatory skincare. Trained in orthopaedics, Sturm transitioned to aesthetics, bringing her expertise in science and medicine to skincare.

The Molecular Cosmetics range is celebrated worldwide for its scientifically advanced formulations and minimalist approach, most notably for the ‘Kobe Procedure,’ which uses the patient’s own plasma to create a protein-rich serum to aid tissue repair and rejuvenation.

We’re Buying: Sun Drops SPF 50

Don’t let the perma-grey skies fool you, UV rays are a primary cause of ageing and penetrate the cloud cover year round. Protect yourself by applying Sun Drops directly to your skin or mixing them with your regular moisturiser.

This combo of lightweight sun protection with hyaluronic acid is gentle and hydrating for even sensitive skin types, leaves no white caste on the skin, and cuts down sun-related irritation/sensitivity.

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La Mer


At the pricier end of the skincare spectrum, La Mer was founded after Dr Max Huber’s personal discovery when he was treating his own burns after an accident. He was struck by the healing power of fermented nutrient-rich sea kelp and marine ingredients, and thus he created the formula behind the Miracle Broth.

The cult moisturising cream, Crème de la Mer, put the brand on the map, and Miracle Broth remains the signature ingredient responsible for its superlative hydrating and restorative properties.

We’re Buying: The Moisturizing Fresh Cream

Are you looking for the right moisturiser for oily skin types? Call off the search with this fresh gel-textured version of the original star product. This formula balances sebum and banishes excess oil, thus reducing breakouts while providing essential hydration.

It’s also suitable in the summer for normal/dry skin types who need a lighter alternative for the sweatier climate.

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Dr Howard Murad founded this pioneering skincare brand, which is renowned for its innovative approach to achieving healthy skin from the inside out. and uses a holistic philosophy integrated with science-backed ingredients.

Whatever your skin type or concern, there’s a solution that embraces combatting environmental stressors and anti-ageing technology formulated to deliver visible results while promoting overall wellness.

Have enlarged pores? Check out the Clarifying range. Are you troubled by eczema? Dedicated Exasoothe products use colloidal oats to improve symptoms.

We’re Buying: Resurgence Retinal ReSculpt Eye Lift Treatment

The skin around the eyes is the first to show signs of wear and tear. This next-generation cream, formulated to suit all skin types, tackles sagging lids and restores elasticity, lifting the delicate skin around the eyelids and socket.

Harnessing encapsulated retinal (which is corrective Vitamin A, whilst retinol is preventative), it has an impressive ability to soften deep-set lines and wrinkles.

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Jessica Punter

Jessica Punter is a freelance journalist and stylist specialising in men's grooming and style. She has over 15 years experience in consumer magazines, having held the positions of Grooming Editor at British GQ and FHM. She also writes for MR PORTER, MATCHESFASHION, FashionBeans, British Airways and wellness magazine, BALANCE.